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Why You Should Consider Translating Your Blog


If you operate in an area with more than one commonly spoken language, or if you would like to encourage more people to read your blog, why not consider translating your content?

By doing so you would be giving your readers more ways to consume your content, and you would not need to do anything overly complex. How far you go with translating your blog and it’s content is up to you.


Give Your Readers More Options

Translating your blog could mean an increase in traffic from other countries around the world. People will have the option to read your content in their own language which can be a benefit for you if you have content that will translate well! Even if your visitors understand English fairly well it might be easier for them to have the option to read parts (or all) of your content in a language that they grew up with.


Translating Your Blog Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

There are a few different ways that you can go about translating your blog. One of the easiest and hands-off ways is to have a translator plug-in installed by an experienced web design company like Webnovation to enable users to select which language they would like to use to view your blog. This is a great option for blogs that might get a little bit of traffic from many different countries and cannot afford to spend a lot of money or time trying to optimize for every language.

Another option is to install the translator plug-in and then slightly modify the way you compose your content. By simplifying the way you write your content you can make it that much more compatible with translator plug-ins. All you would need to do is avoid using slang terms, contractions, and words that have more than one meaning. Now this might make your content a little less robust and interesting, so this is a tip to use at your own discretion.

Last, you can create an entirely separate version of your blog in each language you would like to target and then hire someone to translate your existing content into new pieces in your reader’s native languages. You could then link to these new blogs from your existing blog to let people know that alternate language versions of your content were readily available. This can be a great move from an SEO perspective, but it should be carefully considered because doing these things could be a big investment for a business.


Consider These Things Carefully Before You Jump In

Before you move to translate your blog, monitor your analytics and see what countries your visitors are coming from. If you have a large number of visitors coming from other primarily English-speaking countries such as the United States or the UK then you are doing something right and should definitely continue offering your content in English. If you see a spike in visitors from another country, you should think about adding a translator plug-in to your blog!



Translator plug-ins are not perfect and can produce some pretty humorous / puzzling results due to grammar and other language barriers.

Have you ever encountered one of these translations from a blog with a translator plugin?


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