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Why You Need Videos On Your Website


It’s all about a great first impression!

Within the first few seconds of arriving at your website, visitors have already made a judgement about your business. Some studies have concluded that initial judgments, or “gut reactions” occur within milliseconds of a person’s first glimpse of a website. Don’t be put off by this, though it might seem very intimidating to have such a short time to make a good impression on people visiting your website. A good first impression is not as difficult to make as it might seem, and there are plenty of different things that you can do to make your website inviting, interesting, and engaging for your visitors.

One thing that you can do is add a video to your website. You can add this video to your home page and have it tell a short story about your company, about your values, excellent service, and maybe mention a few of the different products and services you offer. Keeping it short and sweet (under 2 minutes) will help introduce people to your company without overloading them with information that they might not want or need. Underneath this video you can offer a written transcript of the video for visitors who cannot hear the audio and provide content that almost every visitor to your site will enjoy!


What makes video great

Videos are fast becoming a preferred method of content delivery because they are easier to consume than other types of written and visual media. Generally speaking, people prefer to take the path of least resistance, and it is much easier to watch a video that to take in the same content in another way, such as reading a long page of text. This does not mean that we should all go out and replace our home page text with videos, or turn from text blogging in favour of video alone; rather, the rising popularity of video should push us to find ways to add video to our sites and blogs and incorporate it with our existing content. A video can make a great addition to a blog post, simply record your video, create a written transcript, and add an introductory and closing statement to help engage the people visiting your blog. The people who favour video will love that you have one included in your post, and the people who prefer reading your posts will appreciate the transcript and opening/closing statements you’ve included as well.

Some studies have shown that having videos on your site can increase visitor engagement and satisfaction by up to 300%! If that isn’t a compelling argument in favour of adding a video or two to your site, we don’t know what is. Simply put, people like videos. Perhaps we are so fond of the blooper reels and funny cat videos that seem to pop up every time we turn around, or maybe it is the fact that we like to give our encounters with others a face? Video unquestionably provides a more personal experience, allowing viewers to connect with the person behind the camera. This person becomes the “face” of that website, and a vast majority of consumers feel much more confident interacting with a person as opposed to a faceless business.


The SEO benefits of video

Videos are awesome and seem to be very well liked by people all over the world, and both of these are great reasons to include video on your website. But what if we told you there were even more benefits out there for websites with videos on them? There are!

  • Videos keep people on your site longer – Because people like videos, most will stick around to watch one on your website as long as it is short and related to your business. The more people who visit your site and stay longer, the more likely you are to have visitors who finish watching your video and then go on to visit other areas of your website. This activity looks great to major search engines like Google!
  • A video gives your site 2 chances to rank well in search engine results – because videos are indexed alone and as a part of the entirety of your website’s content, having a video on your website is like giving yourself two votes when it comes to ranking well.
  • Videos have a 50% better chance of making it to the first page of search results – it all comes back to how much people like videos, and how they are indexed and ranked as individual pieces of content. Both of these things give a video a greater chance of showing up on the coveted first page of Google search results.


You can’t go wrong with a well-made video! Because the cost of video recording and editing equipment and programs is lower now than it ever was before, video is within reach for many small businesses that might have been left out when costs were higher. It is reasonable for a small business to be in full production of their own video content for under $1,000 – equipment, programs, and props included! Your video does not need to be a cinematic masterpiece to perform well; people enjoy seeing real, down-to-earth videos made by honest people just as much as they enjoy seeing videos with a lot of special effects. If you have a solid message that you want to share, let your voice be heard!

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  1. tom says:

    Excellent article just what I need to pound those possible clients who just don’t see the value of video but are starting to suspect that the yellow pages aren’t cutting it.


    • webnovation says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed the post! It’s not surprising to hear that some people don’t yet see the value in videos as there are still people who aren’t even sure about “that internet thing” and what good it can do for promoting their businesses. Hopefully you can help your prospects and clients see how much they can benefit from using videos!

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