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Why start a blog?


A blog, which is short for web log, is any kind of log or entry in the web or the net.  Currently, blogging is an unregulated activity within the internet which is to say it’s not controlled by any real regulatory policy.  However, bloggers are expected to observe the same laws that govern the publishing industry and the same code of ethics of responsible journalism.  Ranging from areas such as truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability; any derogatory, libelous, or injurious piece of writing can result in a legal liability and should be avoided.

Some blogs are mere collections of random ramblings and illogical musings; others are fun and entertaining, while yet more are a blend of excellent exposition and effective persuasion.  Your goal should be to create a blog that you feel best serves your business plan and website’s purposes.

You can be missing out on quite a bit if you don’t have a blog page in your website.  Some of these are:

  1. Traffic– Lost traffic can be viewed as lost sales opportunities, which is significant indeed. Blogging is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and build a genuine and trusting relationship with your customers.
  2. Popularity– blogging can increase your visibility within the internet.  You can blog about your new products or services, company events and happenings, customers concerns, suggestions, or personal opinion related to your business, seasonal products, your company’s mission or vision, special promotions; the sky is the limit.  A blog can also help to let customers cue in on the human side of your business.  Blogs derive from the human element in ecommerce and they can be used to form a powerful connection with your customers.
  3. Marketing– A powerful blog can also be a powerful marketing tool.  You can create external links in your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, etc. leading new customers to your blog and website.  Once they’ve arrived, look to keep them right there with a quick-loading blog page.  If you are looking to speed up loading, the images must be kept to a minimum and flash content should be avoided.  The blog page should simply contain informative and helpful material.

Powerful blogs can influence people’s thoughts or actions, informative blogs can help many people, and educational and entertaining blogs can enrich the lives of people.  If you blend all the good qualities of effective blogging in an engaging, marketing blog, you may be able to explode your business to phenomenal proportions!

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