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What Should Your Website Be Doing for You?


Ideally your website should be doing many things, like communicating who you are and why you are in business.

What else should your website be doing for you?

It should tell a story

One of the reasons you have a website is to let people know what your company offers and how they can buy your products and services. The thing is, people don’t like to be confronted with walls of text or endless charts full of data…so why not present your information in the form of a story? By adding a bit of personalized narrative your website can direct potential customers to contact you to learn more and sound more human while doing so.

It should engage your customers

And by engage we mean truly engage them. Your website needs to capture their attention, inspire some feeling in them, and then urge them to take action and do something with those feelings! If your website can inspire strong emotions in your customers you’re definitely doing something right!

It should act as a hub for your brand’s traffic

Your online presence should be interconnected as a rule. Your website should link out to your social media profiles and these profiles should in turn link back to your website. By setting your website to act as a connection point for your brand’s online presence you can ensure that customers have a very short trail they will have to follow to find the information they are looking for.

It should boost your brand’s credibility

It’s all about trust when it comes to shopping online, and your customers are going to be leery of buying from you if they don’t see any proof of your business’ trustworthy and knowledgeable behavior. Having reviews and testimonials from past customers available can help with this, as can adding a blog or a few very informative static pages to your site.

It should contain all of the important details

Your website is where many people will find themselves when they are searching for you or for the products and services you sell. Shouldn’t they know how to find you? If your website contains all of your contact information (including your mailing address, phone number, and contact email address) your customers will be more likely to trust you and reach out to contact you if they need help.

Your website is a very valuable tool and should be treated as such. It represents your brand when you are not present to sing its praises, and it does this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is not meant to replace a qualified sales team or customer service center, but it can help your customers connect with the people they need to reach to have their questions answered and troubles resolved.

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