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Web Design Trends of 2012


2012 has seen the emergence of some new and exciting trends in web design as well as the revival of some favored design styles from previous years. In this post we will show you a few examples of three popular styles of web design that have grown in popularity this year.

Disclaimer: Some of the websites featured here have been designed by Webnovation


Boutique Style

Britt Design – Home of the World Famous Australian made Britt Bear


Baby Name Charms


Kate Lauren Designs


Wedding Ideas and Wedding Pictures with One Stylish Bride


Boutique style web design has been around for several years now, but it has seen a surge in popularity this year thanks in large part to the many new small businesses choosing this style for their websites and online stores. Designs in this style are often created using gentle curves and soft colors and feature patterns or other whimsical design elements to help develop a unique look and feel.


Large Background Images

Google Ventures


Start Finance


Moment Skis




People like pictures, and sometimes the bigger the picture the better! While there is a downside to using large background images for websites (high bandwidth use) there seems to be a growing number that feature this type of design. From a design perspective these sites are very popular with web designers because they offer a unique opportunity to use new layout and navigation schemes that might not be all that common yet in the world of web design.

These two types of web design styles are some of the most popular that we have seen this year, and we are happy to have contributed a few to the boutique style design group! If you would like to talk to us about designing your website, please take a look at the Webnovation web design portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss the design you have in mind.



Which of the sites we featured here is your favorite and what is one thing you like about it?



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