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Top Social Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk


Making your passion work for you

Chances are your business once began as a dream backed by determination and startup capital. You were passionate about that dream and wanted to see it come true more than anything in the world.

This post is about the wisdom of social media master Gary Vaynerchuk. He doesn’t claim to be a guru or to know it all. Instead he simply speaks from the heart about his passions, and how social media helped take him from obscurity into the realm of notoriety and profits and how you may have the potential within you to do the same thing.


Top social tips to help you “crush it” no matter what your “it” is

Among those who follow Mr. Vaynerchuk and his wisdom, the phrase “crush it” is bandied about with ease. For those who aren’t familiar with the saying, it is part of Gary’s core philosophy, advocating a “seize the day” attitude which will then allow someone to accomplish everything they set out to do.

How can this help your social media activity?

We’ve gathered together a few of Gary’s best tips and added our thoughts on how / why these things are effective when it comes to social media.

  • Be happy as you are. If you’re not happy, do something about it – This translates to social media by encouraging a positive self-loving can-do attitude that will inspire a connection and increased engagement with your fans and followers.
  • Create content and connections first, and cash will follow – Socially this means that you should be more concerned with posting things people want to see and talking to them about your posts then exactly how much money all of this is going to make you. When you’re too focused on profits too early on it can get in the way of inspiring the kinds of connections that will earn you money in the future.
  • Create connections and continue conversations – If you could only have one “job” when it came to social media, that job should be to create and nurture the connections between your brand and your target audience. Once a conversation has begun you will be able to get a feel for the lifespan of said conversation and learn when to continue a conversation and when to gently close the lid on it and move on.
  • Pay attention to people – By simply taking note of who contacts you, responds to your social posts, etc you can get an idea of what kind of engagement you’re looking at. Don’t neglect the people behind these queries and make every effort to respond to them and answer their questions as best you can.
  • Operate in branding mode – Every time you do something within the context of a social channel, try to make everything point back to your brand in some way. You won’t be able to manage this with every post, but the more you try the better you will be at branding your social activity, not just your images!



Which of these tips do you think if the most helpful? Which one do you think will be the easiest to implement today?



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