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Top Facebook Tips Everyone Should Know


As the world’s largest social network, Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing your brand. With millions of members of your target audience spending hours a day surfing this social channel you cannot afford to miss out on any tips or advice that could potentially help you reach and engage with your audience.

To help you reach you goal of more efficient and effective Facebook marketing, we have included a few tips in this post to get you started!


Top Facebook tips for successfully marketing your brand

With Facebook, timing is essential for increased engagement

  • Post during “off” hours or non-peak hours such as the time between 7pm and 7am.
  • Post on Saturdays and Sundays

You’ll need to focus on your audience when you share

  • Break things down into percentages. 50% of what you share should be industry news from relevant (and impartial) third party sources. 30% should then be news that showcases your brand’s personality; this news can be time-sensitive or simply fun relevant information. And the remaining 20% should be your business / marketing messages.
  • Remember that people want to be informed and entertained more than they want to be marketed to, but if you can accomplish the first you may be able to achieve the latter.

You should focus more on Shares than Likes

  • Shares get your content more exposure than Likes, so shoot for content that is easy and fun to share and will appeal to the widest variety of people within your target audience.

Master Facebook marketing like a pro

  • Post as often as you can on a consistent schedule, but try to post at least 3 – 5 times per week.
  • Write at a language level that is appropriate to your readers
  • Relax your style and avoid writing stuffy or rigid-sounding posts
  • Be positive and share as much positive content as you possible can.

Be yourself and prove there are real people behind your brand

  • Build a community around your brand – Don’t just have a group of people who “like” your brand’s page
  • Show your brand’s purpose and passion in every post you write
  • Say “Thank you” and recognize the people who have supported you and helped you to achieve success.

While Facebook marketing isn’t easy, as you can see from the tips above it’s not very difficult either. You simply need to focus on the needs, like, and wants of your target audience and let them do the rest of your marketing for you!

People tend to trust the recommendations of their friends and family over those made by brands, even brands they like. By creating materials that are easy and fun to share, you are helping your social connections help you spread the word about your brand, influencing people who were not even “fans” of your page at the time.



How does your brand approach Facebook marketing?



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