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Tools to Get Your Social Media Marketing Working for You

So you’ve got your facebook.com/YourCompanyName, and you’ve committed yourself to putting in a certain amount of time each day to update and maintain this. Are the default features of Facebook enough for your company’s marketing needs? It really depends on the nature of your business, but if you feel that you want to add color and flare to your fan page, you’ll find that there are several tools that can help.

Enhance Your Page’s Look & Features
If you check out the Facebook Pages of international brands such as Levi’s, Nike or McDonald’s, chances are, your first impression will be that of the large image that greets first time visitors. This is commonly called a Welcome Page, and with it, you can post a large billboard and make a strong and catchy welcome. There are a number of app providers that give these for free, and installing a welcome page is easy. To find these apps, try typing “welcome page” on your Facebook’s search box.

Then there are other features that don’t come free, but they do come cheap and easy. Company’s such as Offerpop and NorthSocial offer apps that add special features to your Facebook Page that you would normally only see on a website.

If you are on online retailer, North Social has the Show & Sell app that allows you to create a mini-store within your Facebook Page. If you want to get people to vote on two logos that you are considering for your business,  Offer Pop has Tug of War, which encourages fans to vote on two choices, topics, or photos.

Create Engaging Promotions
Running contests is without a doubt the fastest way to grow your Facebook fan base, the most popular of which are the photo contests and sweepstakes offered for a fee from companies such as Wildfire. But new companies such as OfferPop also have apps that allow you to run “referral” contests, where you earn points and rewards by referring friends or encouraging them to participate. You can also run trivia quiz games and exclusive deals through a number of App providers.

Refine Your Engagement
At the end of the day, what gets people to come back and recommend you to others is the way you are able to engage your fans.

1.    Demographics
Find useful social media statistics on Social Baker for free, and for a fee, it will allow you to monitor statistics suited to your specific business needs.

2.    How Much Buzz You’re Generating
Kurrently works like Google, but focuses on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter. You can use this to monitor in real time if people are mentioning you, your business name, brand, product or service.

3.    Measure Your Social Media Influence
Klout measures your personal influence on others. By measuring your interactions with friends and fans, Klout is able to make a profile of the kind of Social Media Entity you have become and shows you what is needed for you to improve your standing.

These tools are useful so that you can gain insight on how to develop a real Social Media strategy, one that is able to deliver your desired results and contribute to your business’s success.

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