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The Power of Infographics


What Are Infographics?

Infographics are visual representations of data; usually this is data that would otherwise be difficult for the average person to consume because there would be a lot of it and/or it would be confusing in some way.  Think of infographics as visual shorthand for all of that weighty information!


Why Are Infographics So Popular?

Infographics are popular because they are easy to digest (understand), easy to share, and are ideal for visual learners. 

A large percentage of the global population are visual learners, even if they aren’t entirely aware of this and what it means for them. Because they are visual learners, infographics appeal to them much more than a lengthy block of text. By providing an infographic you are not only making it easier for your readers to absorb the information you are presenting, you are showing that you are aware of their needs and are working to bring them the kind of content they want.


Why Should Businesses Use Infographics?

Businesses should consider using infographics because they are so popular, easy to share, and can bring in a lot of traffic to the business’ website. Infographics are great tools for creating brand awareness -providing they are properly labeled as belonging to a particular business- and have the potential to be shared and spread to places and websites all around the globe. 

When utilize correctly in the right place and at the right time, infographics can be real powerhouses of linkbait and traffic generation for your business. Would you love to see more people visiting your website and being interested in what you had to say? Most likely you answered yes to this question, which means that a relevant and catchy infographic might be something your business should look into.


Why Should a Business Take Care When Purchasing an Infographic?

When purchasing an infographic or commissioning one to be made for your business, it pays to do your homework and to invest in your end result. Because infographics are so popular, there are now many companies and individuals who offer their services in this area. How can you know who to choose? One of the best ways to select a top-quality infographic provider is to look at the other graphics they have created and perhaps contact a few of the companies who purchased graphics and see how well their purchases performed.

If the infographic creator has a well-made body of work and satisfied clients they are comfortable with you contacting then you can feel that much more comfortable if you choose to work with them. What you want most to avoid is the service that offers to create an infographic for you for a very low price. Usually these services are using templates, working with unverified or generic information, and do not cite their sources. Essentially they are not following the rules of good design and good business, and this could spell trouble for you later on. This is also a case of getting what you paid for; you do not have to invest a fortune in a good infographic, but you should be prepared to pay a fair price and feel confident that by doing so you are investing in the future success of your business.



What do you think of infographics?

Do you see them as useful information sources, or just another fad that is cluttering up the internet?

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