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The 5 Important Issues To Discuss with Your Website Developer

1. Presenting Information
Avoid overloading every page with too many elements. Make sure elements such as testimonials, banner and forms don’t overwhelm the user.  Prior to writing a website’s content, make a site map, and figure out the specific purpose of each page. If a home page is meant to merely introduce your company and showcase a specific product, limit the information to these tasks.

2. Navigation
Your Website’s navigation tools and techniques should basically give users the answer to three questions: Where am I? Where have I been? Where can I go? To be effective, the website navigation needs to be consistent throughout the website. Reduce clutter by grouping links into sections. Lastly, make sure to reduce clicking to get to where the visitor wants to go. The most important factor is usability. Make sure that going around your website is convenient and easy and this will ensure that people will keep coming back.

3. Browser Compatibility
There are dozens of types of Internet Browsers being used today. The more popular ones include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.  Each of these has their own little sets of rules and eccentricities, and so the experience of viewing your website may vary from user to user, depending on the kind of browser they are using. While there can be no guarantee of 100% compatibility across all browsers, there are two key points you must stress to your website developer 1. Simplicity as a guiding philosophy in the overall design of the website and 2. Have them test the websites in as many different browsers are they can.

4. Browser Size
Not everyone has the same screen and browser setting. Just because you can see all the elements on your website’s front page does not mean that your users will.  If a button is far down the page, a user may not see it when first viewed the page and will have to scroll downwards to find it.  But many people don’t scroll and will miss it entirely. To minimize scrolling and make sure that the important parts of the page are always prominent to your audience.

5. Visual Appeal
First impressions count when it comes to websites. Research shows that decisions about your website can be made in as little as 1/20th of a second. This emotional judgment dictates all subsequent judgments. Even though your business has superior products or services, an initial negative impression from a poorly designed website can steer customers towards your competition. Make that first impression count, because you only get one chance. Ensure that you have a clean, professional, and fast-loading website.

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