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Social Media Management – Tools to Increase Productivity


Social media management tools can help increase your productivity

Knowing what is going on in your industry can be essential to keeping your business on the cutting edge and in the midst of important conversations as they happen. Social media management and monitoring tools can help you keep track of what conversations are happening so that not only can you know what is going on and join in, but you can also have these alerts ready at your convenience.

This enables you to set aside time just for social media instead of having to remain logged in all day and being tempted to respond to all updates on all platforms as they happen.

Top tools

In a general sense Google Alerts can send you an email if a particular keyword or phrase is mentioned anywhere on the internet, though the focus for this service is primarily private-party content (meaning not social networks) such as website content and blog posts.

More focused on social media alerts and updates are tools like Hootsuite and Hyper Alerts.

These tools enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and monitor your social networks for anything you please. Many brands prefer to monitor mentions of their brand name or terms that are relevant to their business such as product names or related terms so that they can not only respond to any negative press but also encourage any positive conversation at the same time.

Hootsuite is a popular social media monitoring tool that functions as a dashboard  that can help you effectively manage your social activity. Prominent features of this tool include its ability to deliver timely alerts via notifications, and the ability to schedule posts in advance. Hootsuite is a more immediate tool thanks to its dashboard functionality allowing users to view and monitor several different feeds or pages at the same time.

Hyper Alerts is an email alert service that can monitor your social networks for you and send you a message when someone mentions any of your pre-selected keywords or phrases. You can schedule these alerts to be delivered at a set time every day via email or you can have them delivered to you as they are generated.


Your takeaway

There are tools available to help you take charge of your social media activity and monitor your social networks for mentions of conversations you might want to be involved in. The key to the success of any social media campaign is the level of engagement you have with your connections, and the alert services we’ve mentioned in this post can help you engage more followers on your schedule.



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