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SEO Tips – Do This, Not That – Part 2


Over the course of the past 2 years we have seen a lot of changes come and go in the world of SEO. These changes have affected the way practitioners and clients approach the subject of SEO, and have certainly had an impact on the way we practice SEO today.

Because of the changes that have been made to the way search engines rank web pages, there may be something that you are doing that you may want to reevaluate. Some methods might just be ineffective in the present day, while others could be dangerous for your website’s rankings i.e. spammy links or content.


Do this, not that

Avoid these things:

  • Low quality guest posts
  • Ignoring the power of social signals
  • Ignoring the benefits of local SEO
  • Focusing only on Google
  • Publishing low quality content on your website or blog

These things can cause a lot of damage to your website; some directly, and others indirectly. Instead, do these things:

  • Only offer the highest quality content to others when you are requesting the opportunity to guest post on their blog or website. Anything less reflects poorly on you and can cause your submission to be rejected, or if it is published, to discourage traffic from following you back to your website.
  • Embrace the value of social media, and the increasing importance of social signals in website rankings. Social media is more than just another advertising mouthpiece and has real potential for engaging with your customers on a personal level, Don’t miss out!
  • Work with local SEO to increase your chances of ranking well in the local search results. People will often add the name of a nearby city or town when performing a web search in order to get more localised results. Try it and see what happens!
  • Optimise your website for the greatest benefit based on the guidelines of the search engines that the majority of your traffic comes from. This will probably be Google, but don’t forget about Yahoo and Bing!
  • Publish the highest quality content you can to your own blog and website. This makes you look good when someone searches for something related to your content and they stop by only to find that you have even more amazing content available. It’s a real win-win!

Don’t forget, the Panda and Penguin updates are still out there!


Your takeaway

Making these changes can have a very positive impact on your website and it’s rankings. By being proactive and changing things that need to be changed you are ensuring the future success of your business. If you’re interested in seeing your business make it to the next level you can’t afford to avoid or ignore issues like these that can make a difference if approached properly.




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