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SEO Tips – Do This, Not That – Part 1


If one had to compare SEO to anything, it could be compared to a living thing because SEO is constantly changing and evolving far beyond what anyone has expected of it. Because of this it is important to have an SEO strategy for your website that is diverse and adaptable so that it can be flexible enough to stay competitive in today’s market.

There are many techniques that were both popular and effective in the recent past that could get your website into some serious trouble if you used them today. Major search engine algorithm updates have rendered some things pointless and others downright dangerous! If you have been using a technique for a while and are seeing poor results, no results, or even a loss of traffic, stop now and make sure that you don’t need to completely overhaul your SEO strategy.


Do this, not that – SEO edition

Because SEO changes so often, you might be doing something that you thought was okay that somewhere along the line became something you should try to avoid.

Don’t do these things:

  • Straight up irrelevant industry link exchanges
  • Exact match anchor text in back links
  • Exact match domain names
  • Press release spam
  • Mass article marketing

This kind of stuff can get you into trouble. Instead, try these more sustainable alternatives:

  • Instead of a link exchange with everyone you meet, only ask for links from high-authority sites relevant to your industry. Also allow for natural links to be created from other outside sources.
  • Instead of exact match anchor text, select a head term and then choose lower-competition longtail keywords to use as well as your business’ name or URL.
  • While exact match domains are not totally taboo, they don’t help you much and could be completely neutral or even have a negative impact if they are deemed too spammy to be useful, i.e. Keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t produce and publish a press release just for the sake of creating a few more links back to your site. Instead, only announce newsworthy issues.
  • Instead of submitting the same spun article to hundreds of no-name directories, the goal now is to only write high-quality content and submit it to a few relevant directories if any. Content marketing has replaced article directory marketing for the most part.

See how these new techniques improve upon the things that inspired them? All improvements, changes, and new ideas are all based on the concept of improving quality and not giving so much weight to quantity.


Your takeaway

Because of the fact that SEO is constantly changing and strategies need to be continually altered and adapted, your business might need some help getting a good SEO strategy put together. If you live anywhere in Australia, contact an SEO company local businesses would use and see if that SEO provider can help you.





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