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Privacy Policy

We know you like to know where your sensitive information will be used and how it will be kept private. Below is our privacy policy to give you peace of mind when it comes to sharing your business and personal details with Webnovation.

  1. By using Webnovation’s site and services, the client and potential client are agreeing to the following terms in this privacy policy.
  2. All information we collect from you will not be given, reproduced or sold to any 3rd parties for marketing use.
  3. We will collect certain data from our clients during quoting. This information will be kept in confidence and will only be used for quoting and/or recommendation purposes.
  4. Any information collected for the purposes of a contract with us will only be used for that contract. This includes any billing, administration, design and/or development.
  5. Webnovation has and does contract services out to 3rd parties to complete certain obligations for our clients. This includes domain purchases and renewals, hosting data center rental and SSL certificate purchases. Only necessary information of our clients is shared with these 3rd parties.
  6. All email accounts collected will go into our database for the purpose of sending out emailings via MailChimp, our preferred e-newsletter service. Webnovation occasionally uses this service to provide useful information to our clients as well as sending out promotional items to prospective clients. Please utilise the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any of the e-newsletters to opt out of receiving them.
  7. Clients are responsible for their own content on their own sites.
  8. All client information stored in Webnovation databases is protected using a series of protocols including SSL and data encryption, password protection, and firewalls.