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Improve the Credibility of Your Website Today!


Your Business Needs a Credible Website!

You can have the best product in the world, and serve your customers with unfailing consistency that amazes each and every one of them. You can be the best brand out there in your market, but if you do not have a credible-looking website, you can be losing out on a lot of business.


6 Credibility Boosters You Can Count On

If you have these 6 things on your website already, you are likely seeing the quality traffic that can result from adding them to your website. If you think your website could use a bit of a credibility boost, and see a thing or two on this list you could add to your website, go right ahead! These are all actionable tips that you can take advantage of today.

  1. Backlinks – Links from outside sources pointing back to your website can greatly influnce the credibility of your website in the eyes of both search engines and human viewers. If you have links to your site placed on high-quality websites, it looks good to everyone.
  2. Links to other websites – Links to other websites that appear on your website can do a lot for your credibility. A good example of this would be placing links to other websites in your blog posts. If these are relevant links, you can actually be boosting your credibility with both search engines and your readers.
  3. User-friendly navigation – The easier it is for people to use your website, the more satisfied your visitors will be with your website, and the more credible you will be in their eyes. Search engines also like navigation that has clean code.
  4. An error-free experience – The fewer errors your website has, the better you will appear in the eyes of your customers. Search engines also like to see a website running smoothly!
  5. Social sharing options / counters – People like to see that others have come to your website before and liked what they saw. Having social sharing buttons / links that also display the number of people who have liked or shared your page are really great additions for improving the credibility of your website.
  6. Author verifications – If you are registered as a Google Author, this would be a good thing to add to your website (perhaps as a byline to you blog posts) to really boost your credibility. It is not difficult to do, and shows your users (and Google) that you take your work seriously.

Each of these things can make your website appear more credible to both human visitors and search engines because they show that you are taking the time to provide the best possible experience for anyone visiting your site.



Can you think of anything else that might make a website appear more credible?

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