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How to Make Your Website Stand Out

  1. Branding – branding is more than just the color palette and type face to use. Your brand is more than your logo. First and foremost, Branding is understanding what your business stands for. When you have fully understood what you stand for, then your brand philosophy will dictate how everything that represents your company will function and appear. Let your Brand Philosophy guide how your website is made, with your target customer in mind and guiding your decisions not only in form, but also in function.

  2. Make your Website Useful – Don’t limit your website to simply being a digital version of your company brochure. Establish your website as a go-to resource. Once your website becomes something useful and informative, your visitors will not only keep coming back to your website, they will also recommend your website to others.

  3. Surprise and Delight Your Users – Don’t just be Beautiful. Be Charming as well. Make sure to add nice little touches that make your site memorable. Add cute little “Easter Eggs” on your website, such as helpful tips that appear when you click on an element , simple games, a funny quote or joke.

  4. Constantly Seek Inspiration – the most important rule of websites is to never be boring. Always be on the lookout for ideas, and not just from other websites. When all you do is follow what your competition is doing, you’ll soon realize that you’re always one step behind. Get inspiration from art, nature, and from life. Be bold and imaginative. Make your website more than interesting, make it fun and engaging!

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