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How to be LinkedIn

If you are a doctor, realtor, lawyer, veterinarian, dentist or any type of professional with a particular expertise, LinkedIn may be the social networking platform for you. However, despite having 120 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories, a lot of people still haven’t quite figured out what its benefits are.

The first thing you should know about LinkedIn is that it is not “photo-heavy”, unlike Facebook. This is because they serve difference purposes. Facebook can serve many purposes, such as showing photos from a recent party you attended or “checking-in” at a restaurant and letting people know where you’re having lunch. But LinkedIn is very specific in what its purpose is, and that is to establish, nurture and grow your network of business and professional contacts.

A LinkedIn network consists of direct connections.  A contact network is built up consisting of their direct connections, the connections of each of their connections and also the connections of second-degree connections . These can then be used to get introductions to someone through a mutual contact.

Employers are now using LinkedIn to list jobs and search for potential candidates.This allows you to view jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in one’s contact network. You can then review the profile of those who are hiring and discover which of their existing contacts can recommend you or introduce them to you.

Another one of the unique features of LinkedIn is that it also allows you to get “recommendations” from your connections. This is a great way to attract more clients, or at least, a great way to get the attention of people who have the potential to become your clients. How can you obtain recommendations? The best way to get them is to recommend your peers. Do this and  and they will return the favor.

In addition to building connections, LinkedIn can actually also help you become more productive. Try it out for yourself. Suppose you need a design firm to update your logo, electronic parts for a device you’re repairing, or you need to know if there are available lots for sale or lease in a particular area. You can post questions on LinkedIn, and before you know it, you’ll find your answers.

Getting from point A (where you are now) to point B (your goal) becomes much easier when you see the dots. Also LinkedIn is a great social networking site that helps you connect these dots and lead you to success.

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