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Having 1 Team Work on Your Website Delivers Better Results

There are two basic aspects to any website: The first is the aspect that is most relatable to average people, and that is Website Design or the visible part that the user interacts with. The second is the Website Development, the nuts and bolts, or the back-end that includes the base platform such as HTML, XML, ASP, and PHP,  which support programs or software such as JavaScript, CGI, FLASH, or RSS. These programs in turn determine the level of dynamic capabilities within a given website.

There has been a growing trend where people taking their businesses online hire one firm to design their website and another firm to develop and maintain. Usually, it starts with the business owner approaching a design firm or a freelance graphic artist and having them design based on their ideas.

In this method, the designer usually asks for an outline of what the client wants and all the website copy. Then, when the business owner is happy with the design, he then contacts a website developer to translate these graphic designs into a working website. While this process is acceptable and sometimes delivers good results, it does pose several problems, and ultimately leads to an inferior website.

One of the most obvious drawbacks of this approach is the amount of time and effort it will take for you as a business owner to get all the files from one firm then sending them over to another. You’ll not only be sending layouts, you’ll also need to send over fonts, background and foreground elements, photos, and copy. And that’s assuming your website is a simple brochure-type design. The amount of time and effort increases exponentially if your website has videos, and it gets worse  if you plan to have a website with special features such as ecommerce.

This leads to the biggest issue: because websites aren’t magazines, but most people think they are, they are depriving themselves of the full potential of what a website can do.  The difference is as big as hiring an artist and an architect. You get an artist to draw a house for you, and that’s all you’ll get. A good drawing. No matter how good of an artist he’ll be, he is limited by his knowledge. Get an architect to design, and you will actually get a home, with spaces for living, dining, and recreation, and he’ll take into account the number of kids you have, if you want a study and a home-theatre system. He’ll also make sure that the place is comfortable for movement and relaxation.

Consulting with a well-established website development team and letting them design and build your website will therefore result in a better website, one that not only looks good, but also functions well.  Webnovation (https://www.webnovation.com) is one such company. Our company is composed of people experienced in graphic design,  as well as website development, user experience issues, SEO and more. By working together, we can manage your project faster and with fewer surprises. If you haven’t thought of it, you can rest assured we have!

It’s not just pretty pictures with us. It’s functionality, such as adding a shopping cart to facilitate ecommerce, or an ebook feature that enhances a visitor’s browsing experience. When we build your website, we work on the visual and the technical simultaneously, so that your website looks good and functions well, and is able to meet its full potential.  Don’t deprive yourself of achieving the website of your dreams, work with a unified team of experts. Chat to us today!

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