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How does it work? How do you put a website together?

At Webnovation we start by getting to know you. Our clients are our biggest asset so we want to know you and what you’re about. We learn more about your business and goals. About your likes and dislikes and what you want to get out of working with Webnovation. We then put that to use creating a website wireframe. This shows where items on the design will be placed and explain functionality. We also provide a design board. We base this on various answers on the design brief. We then get started on the design concept. The client reviews the design and if necessary we do some tweaking to make the design perfect.
Webnovation thrives on Development. Having a gorgeous design for your website is just one step to creating a great website. This very important step of developing the site is where we get very busy writing code, making sure your functionality is in place and writing responsiveness into the site to ensure it displays well over all devices. We then take you through the site so you can see how it will function, look and feel when it’s live. Changes and updates are done at this time and when you’re ready, the site will launch!
Webnovation offers Hosting for Websites and Emails. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you the fastest, best-quality hosting. Based in Australia, you can rest easy knowing your site and emails are locally hosted. Our overseas clients can benefit from hosting based in the US.
It doesn’t stop there. We have an extensive knowledge base available to all clients with a wide range of subjects, from using your Content Management System (CMS) to image editing to optimise your images for best web display practices. We keep you informed of available updates and offer maintenance and recommendations upon request.

How long does it take to build a site?

This does depend on a few things. 1. Design time varies, but on average a website design takes approximately 3 weeks. Building and coding the site can take around 4 to 5 weeks and then the final steps to get the site ready can take as little as a day or as much as a week or more. When everything moves along smoothly, the average time is 8 weeks.

How much should I budget for a new site?

For a brochure site, you should budget for approximately $2,500AUD. This doesn’t include hosting fees, but will include a few bells and whistles and special design elements.
For an ecommerce site, you should budget for approximately $6,000AUD. Again, no hosting is included in this estimate, but it will ensure you have a fully functional, beautifully designed ecommerce site, ready to trade with your customers upon launch.

The above pricing is an estimate only. The actual cost of the site depends on the project. Please contact us for an accurate quote today.

What other items will I need to consider when building a new site?

You’ll need a domain name and email accounts. You can register a domain at any domain registrar company. Consider registering a couple of them, to protect your business /website name and extend your business reach. For instance, we own webnovation.com and also webnovation.com.
Email accounts can be set up with the hosting of your website. We offer competitive hosting packages and include email accounts.
If you are setting up an ecommerce site, we recommend taking a look at payment gateway options. We don’t offer this service, but can integrate your chosen gateway with your site. We recommend eWay as a payment gateway solution. Also consider PayPal as a means to take credit card payments, it’s inexpensive and easy to use.
Social media has taken hold of the internet and won’t be letting go any time soon. Consider setting up your social media pages and linking them with your site.
Blogs are a great way to draw attention to your site and brand. We can set up a blog to look like your site and link it to your site in time for launch, just ask us when requesting a quote.
You’ve probably signed up for a few e-newsletters before, so why not consider sending your own? We can design a template to look and feel like your site to keep your branding consistent, and then give you the tools to send newsletters from MailChimp. MailChimp is easy to use and free for up to 2000 subscribers!

Where are you located?

We’re just down the coast from Sydney. We’ve a local phone number for you to call us on, but if you’re overseas, we also have a US number to make things a bit easier for you.

Can I run my site by myself once it’s live?

Not only is the answer yes, but we encourage it. We want our clients to have a full understanding of their site once it’s launched. We include with all website build projects 1 hour of one-on-one time to go over using and updating their site. We have a knowledge base available to our clients as well, complete with tutorials, links and other information to be able to run their site easily.

Help! I’ve forgotten how to do something on my site, can you help?

Yes, we sure can! We can give you an update on how to do things on your site, or point you in the right direction so you can do it.

I just don’t have time to do this on my site, could you take care of it?

Yes, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote to work on your site for you.

I need some maintenance or work done on my site, please help.

You bet. Please lodge a ticket and we’ll send you a quote and discuss it with you.

I’d really prefer to talk to you on the phone than emailing.

We hear you. We are happy to give you a call, but do need to schedule calls due to the nature of what we do. It’s easier for us to set aside some time to call you. That said, we will most likely request anything we spoke about in an email as well. It’s good to have things in writing, so we don’t forget anything, don’t you think?

Arrgh! Something is wrong and my site looks terrible! Please fix ASAP!!

Accidents happen. We’ll make every effort to fix any issues ASAP, but please understand some things take time. Websites are all code in the back and it’s not always obvious what is wrong.
When you request ASAP work, we do what we can to drop what we are currently doing to review your site and fix it. Sometimes this can take hours due to having to go through line after line of code. Sometimes site issues are programming glitches and sometimes they are human error, so sometimes issues will be billable.


If you have an idea for an FAQ item, please contact us.