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Engagement Marketing and Why You Should Be Doing It


What is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing with an emphasis on engagement. We are no longer in a marketing state in which brands deliver content to viewers who simply receive this information and then act upon it. Instead brands are being engaged by consumers and consumers are being engaged by brands; marketing has truly become a 2-way street.

This is emphasized by the popularity and effectiveness of social media marketing, blogging, and even various email marketing campaigns. Brands are finding more ways to reach out and connect with their customer base, and we think it’s about time!


How Brands Can Market in a More Engaging Way

Today we have a few easy, very actionable tips that you can use to start practicing more engaging marketing right away!

  • Cut the Clutter – Reduce your messages to only those that are the most necessary and relevant. Remove any excess options on a user feedback form. Only ask one question at a time with each social media post. With reduced options, more people are likely to be able to engage with your brand because they can identify a specific element to respond to.
  • Make Every Word Count – Experiment with different calls to action in order to see which ones inspire the most engagement from your customers. With any call to action that you send out, make each and every word count. Simplify whenever possible and try to make the choice an easy one for your customers to make.
  • Don’t Wait, Get Started Now – One of the best things you can do to begin a more engaging marketing strategy is to get started as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should take action before you have formed a solid plan of action, but rather than you should get started planning right away so that you can put your plan into action ASAP.


Why Relevance is So Important to Engagement

When you are working to help improve the engagement potential of your brand’s marketing, you have to stay relevant. Relevant to your brand’s mission and goals, and relevant to the needs of your customers.

Relevance is important because without it your brand runs the risk of losing your focus, and losing the attention of your customers in the bargain. People are following your marketing messages because they see something in them that they like. If you lose that interest, you lose that person’s attention and are no longer engaging them. No engagement means no opportunities for conversion, and of course we all know that no conversion means no profits. Enough of that trend can spell the end for a business. We are not trying to paint a fatalistic picture at all, but are instead trying to illustrate how vital it is to ensure that your brand remains relevant and infuses this relevance into any engagement marketing efforts that are made.



How does your brand engage with your customers? Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, blogs, or another medium?



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