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Creative and Catchy Logo Design Roundup


A company’s logo is an essential part of their brand; it is a visual representation of their business that is inextricably tied into the impression they will have on their target market. Creativity is always good when it comes to logo design, but the most important thing about a logo design is relevance, followed closely by how catchy a memorable it is. Think about some of the logos of your favorite brands; these are prime examples of creative and catchy logo design…after all they caught your eye didn’t they?

**Note: Some of the logos displayed below were designed by Webnovation. **


Illustration-style Logo Designs

Pictures are wonderful things – some even say that each one is worth 1,000 words! When done correctly an illustrated logo can really wow an audience and create a very memorable positive impression of the brand that logo represents. 





Logos featuring illustrations can range from the detailed to the simplest of shapes, and each of these logos we have chosen for the roundup showcase what illustration-style logos are all about!


Typography-based Logo Designs

Typography is a fascinating thing; how else could we turn simple letterforms into such amazing works of art? Typography-based logo designs are often very accurate representations of a business because typography can give the impression of being formal or fun, silly or serious. or just plain unique!





As you can see typography can be a wonderful addition to any logo design, but it can also stand on its own and be every bit as stunning as a logo in another style!

Logo designs are as unique as the businesses that they represent and should all serve as an inspiration to us. With the help of a good design team any business has the opportunity to create something creative and catchy that not only captures the essence of their brand, but also captures the attention of their audience and never lets go.



Which logo design from this post is your favorite and why?


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