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Building a Social Network

Do you feel that your business Facebook page is not experiencing the success that you had hoped for? Are you curious what others are doing to gain attention and success? This article highlights several tips on how to transform  your Facebook Page from a simple online presence to a thriving social network.

Create an Experience

Your Facebook Page is not like a website, brochure or print ad, where it is all about pretty pictures and elegantly written copy. Stop using witty headlines and quotes from your brochures. Start discussions, ask questions, and be ready to answer and have real conversations with real people.

Provide an incentive for membership

If you are in the process start of starting  your business Facebook Page, find a way to grow your fan base and grow it fast.  The best way to do it is pretty old-fashioned: Reward Them. Consider your Facebook Page as the online membership program for your business. Reward them for “liking” by giving them discounts or offer exclusive member’s only prizes, sweepstakes and contests.

Let Your Customers be your Sales force

Experiment with Facebook sharing apps and widgets and make it easy for customers to recommend you to their friends. If your website has a photo gallery or product catalogue, install Facebook like buttons. This way, every time your website’s visitors click on the button, this will automatically appear on their own Facebook pages. Also, if you’re into ecommerce, install a show & sell app on your Facebook Page. Not only will this allow your customers to purchase directly from your Facebook Page, this also informs everyone on your customer’s own network.

Make Your Fans the Stars.
Take pride in the customers that you have, and make them feel special by putting the spotlight on them. If you are an interior decorator or architect,  upload an album of photos of your customer’s homes. If you are a wedding planner, upload photos of the wedding, the reception and all the other things related to the event, and put little thoughtful greetings to go along with the albums. Most importantly, always ask for their permission. It mustn’t appear like you’re exploiting them, but instead, share in their joy.

Remember that those “likes” represent Real People
Take it from the father of modern advertising, David Ogilvy, who said “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” That means more now, with social media, than it did with traditional media. This means that you must establish a relationship, and as with all relationships, the key is to establish trust!

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