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Brand Your New YouTube Profile

In a previous article, we noted how Youtube has been overlooked simply because a lot of people have failed to see the possibilities. This is unfortunate, especially as according to a recent study YouTube is second only to Facebook in terms of popularity. Youtube is not just a broadcast network, it is also a social network, capable of not only entertaining, but also of engaging audiences and taking your brand to a possibly large audience.

Begin by deciding how you want to position yourself. What is your company or brand about? Who do you want to be to your Youtube visitors? Remember: be social. You can’t simply fill your channel with your company’s commercials. So create videos that are entertaining, educational and with useful information.

How? If you are a restaurant, a great way to engage visitors is by providing cooking lessons. If you are a used car dealership, provide car maintenance tips. Plus if your visitors post questions and comments, reply via video. Collect about a dozen or less questions that have been posted and address them in a short 2-minute video.

Once you’ve figured out what your channel can provide, make sure that you’re able to convey it through its description. To do this click on “Edit Channel”, then “Settings.”Try  “Classical French Cuisine” if you are providing cooking lessons or  “Adobe PhotoshopTips for Beginners “ if you are a graphic designer who wants to promote yourself. Fill out your channel tags as well, making sure to include all possible keywords that a potential visitor could type to find a channel such as yours.

You may also provide your own profile pictures and background images, similar to how you customise your Twitter account. You may also post links to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog and website.

However, at the end of the day, the two most important elements to a successful Youtube Channel will be the quality of your content and the degree of interaction that you are able to commit yourself to doing with your audience.

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