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Boosting Interaction & Engagement With Your Customers

So you have a Facebook Page for your online business and you’re wondering how to get people to not only go there, but to keep coming back. Here are a few helpful and simple tips that might do the trick.

1. Reward them…and reward them some more
Give incentives. It might seem like an obvious no-brainer, but Exactarget  even made a study and it shows that a majority of Facebook users “like” a product or business page because they expect to receive exclusive deals, discounts or prizes. Kick start your Facebook likes by offering an incentive for the first 50 or so “likers”. Give exclusive giveaways and deals to regular visitors, and give out rewards for those who invite other people to like your page.

2.  Provide Useful Information
Be a resource. People don’t like being bombarded by one-sided “updates” from you about your latest product.  Instead, start a blog or post links to useful blog articles or web pages that provide information related to your field. If you are a spa, post articles about stress relief or the benefits of a certain kind of massage. If you are a store that sells mobile phones, post tips on how people can take better care of their phones such as tips on cleaning or power supply.

3. Start Discussions
Truly engaging posts, the kind that gets the most feedback from users, are those where fans are encouraged to post questions. Make them feel special by putting the focus on them. Invite conversation by soliciting their thoughts on timely topics or better yet, ask them to tell you what sorts of content they’d want to discuss.

4. Interact…for real.
When you reply, reply for real. Show that you are actually receptive and interested in what they have to say.  Refer to them by name when replying to their comments or questions.  Knowing that your business takes the time to interact with them, people will eventually build trust and confidence not only for your Facebook page, but for your brand as well.

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