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Blog Commenting for SEO – Does It Still Work?


With all of the changes both large and small that have been made in the name of better SEO, many brands are wondering if there is any merit remaining in commenting on blogs. Is there a point to the practice still? Or is it, like so many other things, something that is best forgotten?


Yes, Blog Commenting is Still Good for Your SEO

Providing that the comment isn’t outright spam, and is placed on a post made by a fairly well-respected / high-authority blog, then you really cannot go wrong with blog commenting for SEO.

Leaving a well-placed comment on a blog can still be useful for SEO purposes – while blog commenting has always been seen as a link-building method, it can also be considered to be a valuable social / activity signal. Such a signal would indicate to a search engine (and to anyone who read your comment) that your brand is active and encouraging growth in the community.


How to Craft an Approval-worthy Comment

Brands can create comments that are more likely to be approved by:

  • Using a legitimate, branded email address. This could be “personal” i.e. jane.doe@brand.com rather than marketing@brand.com
  • Using a “real name” as opposed to a keyword to represent your brand in the comment space.
  • Following the blog’s rules regarding links in the comments area. If links are allowed, post one. If not, do not try to sneak one in, the moderator (or anti-spam solution the blog employs) will catch your comment and send it to the trash!

Using a healthy dose of common sense can also go a long way. A comment that is likely to be approved will demonstrate that the person leaving it actually read the blog post, and maybe even the other comments that came before theirs. It will also show that the person leaving it is capable of contributing something intelligent to the discussion, now and in the future should the discussion continue after their comment is approved. A good comment will also balance the marketing-oriented motivations of the commenter with their ability to ask thought-provoking questions or pose information in such a way as to further the information given in the original post.

Being a good commenter is all about leaving comments that you would like to read if you were in someone else’s shoes. No one wants to read comments that read like a sales brochure, comments that are full of links (relevant or no), or comments that just plain don’t make sense! Instead they want to see comments that present an intelligent point of view and are obviously based on the blog post itself; nothing generic or formulaic, just an honest thought, opinion, or question to help encourage the sharing of knowledge and information amongst members of the community.



Does your brand still leave comments on blog posts as a part of your SEO strategy? If so, why? And if not, what other methods do you use instead?

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