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Our clients are not shy about sharing how we have helped them at every point of the process. There is no greater feeling of success than to read the kind words on how we helped make their business a success.

Here are some of what they are telling us:

If you're after a new website or you'd love to revamp your current site then Webnovation is your solution! They'll provide you with the most reliable, friendly and personalised service .... They are my web heroes!!

mylk - my little kreation

I first noticed Matt Van Altena helping other baby product website owners with their website dilemmas on the Skout Trade Fair forum and thought, he's a really helpful guy. Then when my previous developer was unable to continue on my website, I asked who the "Skouters" would recommend to undertake its long-overdue improvement and ongoing management. Over six recommendations shot back in quick reply to hire Webnovation! Matt takes the time to understand what you're trying to achieve, offers clever, affordable solutions and is very quick to help if anything goes wrong. I had been concerned about Webnovation not being a local firm, but as my partner had pointed out, being able to eyeball my old developer hadn't prevented my website's problems, so remote web development is fine. I'd recommend Webnovation without hesitation if you're considering going ahead.

It\'s In The Stars

Thanks for all your work. As mentioned on the phone we are very pleased with the site and your counsel in creating one of the best Y State Alliance pages I've seen.

Illinois State Alliance of YMCA\'s

Matt and his team at Webnovation worked tirelessly to build & develop the site, take all our crazy requests and didn't blink an eye before turning them into reality. I know there were many sleepless nights for Matt and he truly was the workhorse behind what you see! (There are hours and hours of code here!) From turning our directory dream into reality, making our design work, building an ad server, a colour book, all our extra blogs and creating a seamless looking site (through the many challenges!) he pulled out all the stops to get this show on the road and I am incredibly thankful Matt was on our team!

Polka Dot Bride

I have a site that is fully hosted and developed through Webnovation, and I can't recommend them any more highly. They will be re-implementing a new design for the site mid year, and I know that it will be perfect (and I won't have to do a thing except enter products). Webnovation's service is second to none: they do cost a little more but they are nothing short of amazing and their cart system does absolutely anything you want.


An enormous thank you to Matt and Genevieve at Webnovation for all the incredible work in bringing the website to life, you have been so wonderful and so very patient with an extremely computer illiterate person.

Complete Party Boxes

To say we are pleased with our new web-site would be an understatement. We'e only been live for 4 days and the comments we'e received range from "Wow" to "Incredible". You and your team went above and beyond helping us design a site that included all the various elements we wanted to incorporate - video, audio, and flash elements along with e-commerce and a multitude of pages. Not only did you educate us throughout the process, you bent over backwards to get it "just right" for us. Every change we asked for was accommodated with an easy going comment of "no worries", and the end product has exceeded all our expectations. I sincerely thank you for a great vendor - client experience. I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone looking to take their web-site from a "standard cookie cutter site" to a customized expression of their company. You certainly have done that for Building Leaders and I thank you for your hard work and efforts on our behalf.

Building Leaders

A HUGE thank you to the Webnovation team for taking over my site and being completely professional! Thanks to Matt and his team I can now have peace of mind that I am in great hands. Thank you all so much.

Wee Willie Winkie

Thanks to the team at Webnovation for making techno world a not so scary place to be!

Fawn & Fox

I am with Webnovation as well. They are FANTASTIC. They are always there to help when you need it and I have had no problems with my hosting or website at all. Not only are they a great bunch of people to work with they are FANTASTIC at what they do.

A Little Bit Of Cheek

Thanks Matt & Gen for being available to help when we desperately need it! The Party Studio thanks you!!

The Party Studio

Thanks so much to Matt, Genevieve & Siobhan from Webnovation for my new shopping cart (I love using the much improved back end!) and design of the website!

Monkey Caboose

I just have to make sure that everyone here knows how fabulous Matt at Webnovation is! I bet I could find dozens of people who have had really bad experiences with web developers in the past. It's so, so refreshing to find someone who not only does a fantastic job with great functioning websites, but goes above and beyond. I am astounded by Matt's wonderful customer service! I cannot recommend him highly enough! Anything I need done, he's right onto it (and that would be something just about every day for the past two months!). Anyone out there looking for a web developer - you must contact Webnovation. Hooray for you, Matt! You are fantastic! Keep up the good work.

Mini LaLa

Webnovation are the BEST, I have honestly never received such fantastic customer service either, I seriously question if Matt & Gen ever sleep! It was without a doubt the best decision we ever made too, (to make the switch) and I love recommending them as you know they will go above and beyond your highest expectations!


I highly recommend Matt and Genevieve at WEBNOVATION for their tireless efflorts in getting the site to where it is. I love it! They are so professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Alphabet Street

A big thanks to Matt and Gen and the team at Webnovation. They are a pleasure to work with and really know how to please! Thanks again Guys. You are amazing!

Pirouette Pettiskirts

If you ever visited my old site you would know that it was pretty daggy. This is a completely fresh look for Pixel By Pixel and I have the wonderful team at Webnovation to thank for it. Thanks Matt and team. You are amazing!

Pixel By Pixel

Thank you so much for all your warmth, kindness, support, guidance and skill in helping me get The Lice Fairy airborne. You were amazingly patient with me and so good at being able to explain in "normal" language what can be so confusing to a "non-techie". I couldn't have done it without out you! I will remain forever in awe of your skills and eternally grateful for your assistance.

Lindsey Smith - The Lice Fairy

I cannot begin to thank Matt and the team at Webnovation. How can you put into words what they have done for me. They really have saved my business and given me a new outlook on Little Pinwheel. Thank you does not seem enough, but I know they would understand just how huge my thanks is. If you are after a new hosting company, or a whole new cart then you cannot go past Webnovation.. Matt and his team go beyond what you would ever expect and he is a legend! I had a regular customer shop with me yesterday and this is what she said about her shopping experience with the new Little Pinwheel; "It was sooo easy! Everything was easy to find, and it was easy on the eye - you know how some sites just have so much stuff on a page you don't know where to look?! And stylish! Feel like your buying from a premium store (which I am!) but for new customers, having such a gorgeous, easy to use web site is confidence inspiring!!"

Little Pinwheel

I am another VERY happy Webnovation customer.

The Speckled Freckle

We would like to thank Matt, Genevieve and Siobhan from Webnovation for being the best to work with creating our new site, for always being there to help out and for being so patient with us.

Petit Australia

I am another Webnovation fan. I had major problems with my original designer and Matt has stepped in and done a fantastic job on my site and is so helpful with my never ending questions.

Trendy Tots

The guys from Webnovation are building my site and they have been fabulous!

One Heart Two Homes

I have recently become a Matt - Webnovation devotee!!! Am really looking forward to working with the whole team.

SOH Sleepy Baby Bouquets

A HUGE thankyou to Matt and Gen at Webnovation for doing all the clever technical, magical bits that they do so well to make my artwork come to life.

Style Me Gorgeous

You guys are the best !

InStyle Fashions

I would highly highly rate webnovation. The service you receive from the webnovation team is the best you will find anywhere. With webnovation you are dealing with a real team, people that will call you up if you have problems and talk to you on the phone for however long it takes to get sorted. I have never had any problems with trojans, down time etc and as yet have not heard of any other webnovation customers been affected by this either. Your best bet is to give Matt a call at webnovation and talk to him about exactly what you want. I am sure there is not a thing they can't do!! The shopping cart is super easy to use once you have been through the back end with one of the team. Have a look on their website and follow the links to their websites. I am sure you will find a hundred other super happy customers like me.

Little Choopie

We have had a brilliant experience with Webnovation - they rock!

Three Little Owls

I wanted to thank you for making the website change over such a smooth one and for all the extra help you have offered us. Webnovation's outstanding customer service continues to surprise us ' your professionalism and attitude are a refreshing change. Everything is done on time and you keep us informed constantly throughout the process. Not only that, but the Webnovation team always manage to do a little bit extra. You have exceeded our expectations on numerous occasions. It's a relief to have such an informed and supportive business working with us. Thanks again!

Design Child

We are with Webnovation too - as the others have said, they are outstanding with their service and I have nothing but great things to say about them.

Babyjo Bamboo

I have been working with Matt from Webnovation for a little over 6 months now on various projects for our business Skout Trade Fair (www.skouttradefair.com) and all I can say is WOW. Matt and his highly skilled and experienced team have cornered the market on service, efficiency and communication when it comes to web development. I can't speak highly enough about Matt's attention to detail, his enthusiasm for his work and his dedication to ensuring his clients are 100% satisfied. We have had a million questions for Matt over this time and never once has he faulted in answering these with professionalism and detail. Matt and his team have always ensured that we know exactly what is going on with our projects, timelines have always been met and in depth explanations have always been forthcoming on use and maintenance. Matt and his team are second to none and we highly recommend them!

Skout Trade Fair