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3 Reasons Why Negative Feedback Isn’t Always a Bad Thing


Your first reaction to seeing a negative review about your business could be any of a number of things. You may feel angry, confused, or even hurt. What most business owners do not recognize about negative reviews is that even they can have the potential to transform your business and its image for the better.


1. Negative Feedback Can Build Trust & Increase Conversions

Though it may sound as though the situation ought to be the opposite, a negative review should not be seen as something that should be eliminated in every case. These less-than-stellar reviews should be seen as opportunities being laid right at your feet; you can make your company look great by responding in a timely and professional manner, handling the customer’s concern in the public eye for the benefit of all.

It is well known that search engines have a long memory; they are quick to remember and slow to forget, so if that negative review is going to be following your business around for a while why not take advantage of it and make it work to your advantage? Simply by responding quickly and addressing the problem at hand you can not only potentially convert that dissatisfied person into a happy customer but your efforts may increase the number of new sales you make as a result of people seeing your reply.


2.  Negative Feedback Can Help You Improve Your Offerings

Think of it this way: Some businesses are paying top dollar for market-specific focus groups and feedback sessions, but here you are getting all of that and sometimes even more genuine opinions…for free! When a customer leaves a negative review they are often very specific about what made their experience negative; this information often includes the name of the product, when / where they purchased it, and what events led up to their motivation to publish the review.

The details you gather from any negative feedback you see about your company can be used to identify areas of your business that you could improve such as product features or customer service procedures. The trick is to turn the frown upside down from your perspective and see negative feedback for what it really is, marketing gold!


3. Negative Feedback Offers a Chance to Communicate

More specifically, negative feedback can offer your business a chance to communicate with some if its most vocal customers. Through their feedback you can learn about more than just the problem that prompted them to speak out. You can also learn more about their general likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Though this line of communication was opened in a negative way, nothing says that it has to remain on that note!

Communication can (and should) take place out in the open where other past and potential customers can see how your company has responded to the information in the negative feedback post. After the initial concerns have been addressed, leave your name and contact information and ask that the original poster contact you at their convenience and you will do your best to help them resolve the matter quickly and quietly. After communication has become more private it is not a bad idea to consider a refund or future discount in the spirit of gaining another satisfied customer at last.



What is one benefit your business has found in negative feedback?

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