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3 Landing Page Conversion Killers You Need to Avoid


For many internet marketers and ecommerce shops, the landing page is the money-maker for their business. When constructed properly, a landing page can entice visitors to stick around and gives them all of the information they need in order to convert into buyers. On the other hand, a poorly constructed landing page can lead to higher bounce rates and far fewer sales overall. What are some things that can be silently killing your landing page conversions?


1 – Calls to Action: Too Vague or Too Forceful

Often one of the keys to conversion is the call to action. Without it customers might not know what to do or where to do it. Calls to action that are too vague can leave a visitor confused as to what they should do. Of course you want them to do business with you, and on some level they know that, but confirming these things is one of the most important things your landing page can do. Too vague of a call to action and your page will not convert the way it should, no matter how awesome your business is.

Just as off-putting, the overly forceful in-your-face call to action is also detrimental to your conversion rates. You do not need to have large buttons or graphic urging visitors to “Buy Now” to make a sale, and they certainly don’t need to occur more than once or twice on your page if you do use them. People know you want to impress them and do business with them, but if they feel pressured in any way they are very likely to leave your landing page without taking any other action.


2 – Form Fields: Too Many is Too Much!

Having a form or two on your landing page isn’t always a bad thing. You might have one to sign up for your newsletter, and another to sign up to be a member of your website. The key to a successful landing page is to direct the visitor’s focus toward the information that will help them to convert, and then to the call to action. If a short and to-the-point form is a part of that process, that’s great!

The trouble comes when you have too many forms, or even just a single form that goes on and on and on… Think about it as though you were the visitor to a website with a long form; would you take the time to fill it out, or would you just click the back button and find another website to visit?


3 – Images: Too Many, Too Large, or Not Relevant

Images can be a big asset for your landing page. They can help strengthen your message and direct visitors to the places they need to go and things they need to do if they would like to make a purchase. Images can also be very distracting and discouraging if they are present in excessive numbers, if they are taking up too much of the page, or if they are simply not relevant to the message of the rest of your landing page.


Plenty of mistakes will be easily forgiven by the people who visit your website, but these three are not high on the list and are likely to be taken very badly. People just do not like to experience vague or forceful calls to action, poor choices in forms, or poor choices in images. Maybe in the past when there were not as many websites out there people might have stuck around, unsure if they could find your product or service elsewhere. Today that is not a problem at all and people have a greater variety of choices than they did before, making them less likely to remain on a landing page that displays any of these three conversion killers.



Do you recognize any of these things on your landing page? If so, how would you go about changing things for the better?

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